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A wide range of frames with style and character. Each design is carefully selected and must meet extremely high standards as well as being both sleek, timeless or classic.

  • XLBF0411-04

  • XLBF0412-01

  • XLBF0431-01

  • XLBF1811-01

  • XLBF1811-04

  • XLBF1812-01

  • XLBF1812-04

  • XLBF1813-01

  • XLBF1813-04

  • XLBF1911-01

  • XLBF1911-04

  • XLBF1912-01

  • XLBF1912-04

  • XLBF1913-01

  • XLBF1913-04

  • XLBF4101-01

  • XLBF4101-04

  • XLBF4102-01